By offering education and skills training in adventure guiding and trekking, a male-dominated field in Nepal, Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN) seeks to encourage the development of self-supporting, independent and decisive women. In partnership with 3 Sisters and other trekking guide companies, EWN trains disadvantaged rural women of Nepal to be trekking guides and subsequently provides job placements.

Female trainees go through an intensive four-week programme with a curriculum that includes trekking instruction, waste management, conversational English, first aid and education on the history, geography and culture of Nepal as well as leadership skills, women's rights, and health and hygiene. The programme is followed by a five-month paid apprenticeship.

In addition, EWN provides mobile training and rural community development in West Nepal through eco-tourism. A mobile team from EWN travels to remote areas of Nepal to provide intensive training in leadership, hygiene and sanitation, food safety and women's health issues.

EWN has established a home for girls who have been rescued from child labour and exploitation. The girls, who come from all corners of Nepal, are provided with food, shelter, education and support.