7 March 2017
Take a look at the top photos from our contest
5 December 2016
Partnering with Volleyball Australia and Girl Determined to empower girls through sport
5 October 2016
Take a look at the top photos from our contest
31 August 2016
The potential of sport for gender equity
4 August 2016
Partnering with UN Women to empower girls to achieve their rights and athletic dreams
15 July 2016

Partnership with U.S. Department of State’s SportsUnited division provides cross-cultural sport experience.

1 April 2016
Programme research reveals major leaps in girls' leadership through sport & life skills
18 March 2016
The recent ten day leadership exchange programme in Nepal was much more than just a trip for Soccer Without Borders staff Katy Nagy.
11 March 2016
UN Women Executive Director speaks out for sport as a tool to reach and empower girls and women.
29 February 2016
Women Win launches international exchange program to empower girls in Nepal and the U.S.