Economic resilience means ensuring that women and girls have the power to make economic decisions equally with their male peers, enjoying the same economic resources, including access to education, jobs, information, credit, assets and opportunities at all levels. Achieving this equality requires working through organisations that support and enforce gender equity and economic justice. Hence, the role of women’s funds is paramount to advance gender economic justice. Women’s funds are non-profit organisations and foundations that work at a national, regional, or global level to fund and support grassroots women’s organisations and movements working to advance women’s rights and empower women and girls around the world.

In this sense, to continue to build a strong women’s rights ecosystem, it is crucial that women’s funds are prepared to engage in meaningful cross-sectoral work and partnerships as a norm to serve women and girls in a more efficient and effective way, with global, diverse perspectives. Win-Win Strategies offers various capacity strengthening opportunities for women’s funds and is involved in initiatives to create and promote collective fund mechanisms, which gather expertise across sectors, issues and geographies and which have the potential to drive replicable and scalable innovations to advance gender economic justice.