Win-Win Strategies and Primark’s Ethical Trade and Environmental Sustainability Team have been partners since 2013. We work together on programmes designed to empower female workers in Primark’s suppliers’ factories in two of its key sourcing countries, India and Myanmar.

This cross-sector partnership centres around addressing the vulnerabilities often faced by women workers in the garment supply chain, including inequality and discrimination. Through the delivery of play-based learning, we aim to strengthen workers’ life skills and awareness of their rights in the workplace. This approach uses interactive activities to help workers engage and better understand their rights.

Long-lasting impact of our programming relies on a strong and equitable partnership between the brand and its Ethical Trade Team, its suppliers’ factory management, Win-Win Strategies and our implementing partners that lead activities in each country. Each stakeholder offers a unique perspective, skill-set and a sustained commitment to our work together, leading to the partnership’s success until now.

As strategic partners, Win-Win Strategies and Primark are continuously exploring impactful approaches to supporting women workers in the supply chain and addressing gender-based violence in the workplace. Currently we are exploring innovative opportunities for deepened cross-sector partnerships between the factories themselves and local women-rights organisations, with the intention of identifying win-win opportunities for both a social and business return on investment.