overview and strategies

The interest from the corporate sector in women’s economic resilience and empowerment has continued to grow globally in the past few years. Through feedback from Win-Win Strategies’ programmes and engagement, Win-Win Strategies has identified the need to support corporate champions on women’s economic resilience in East Africa.

The programme is structured into three major work streams:

  • Assess corporate investment and cross-sector partnerships in Kenya. Win-Win Strategies coordinated an in-depth draft diagnostic review of the current investment on women’s economic empowerment using the building block approach as its framework. This diagnostic review was fully reviewed by local partners and has identified focus areas of the project.
  • Foster cross-sector dialogue on the building block approach to WEE. In Win-Win Strategies’ decolonised and decentralised approach to work, local organisations are the real gender experts. Win-Win Strategies support the creation of Knowledge Partnerships – multi-sectoral alliances – that discussed and proposed concrete actions based in the key areas identified by the diagnostic review. These areas are: Climate Crisis; Covid-19 and other Pandemic Crisis; Labour Rights & Gender Based Violence.
  • Expand companies’ influencing capacity to ensure WEE is at the core of public policies. Driven by local partners’ decisions, Win-Win Strategies will support the implementation of the plans agreed by the Knowledge Partnerships.