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Economic resilience and justice are not possible for a woman if she is unable to control her body, life, and future. This impacts not only her own health and rights, but also her job prospects, economic potential, and the prosperity of her family, community, and country. While an increasing number of companies understand the importance of economically empowering women across value chains, their focus is often narrowly on providing skills, training, or resources. Rarely are other key ‘building blocks‘ to sustainable economic empowerment and resilience are considered, such as control over reproductive health, freedom from sexual harassment and other gender-based violence, access and control over economic resources, or the burden of unpaid care work.

Even fewer companies execute their women’s economic empowerment strategies in collaboration with women’s funds/local women’s rights organisations – the real experts. Women’s funds/local women’s rights organisations tap into the most trusted members of local communities for information, design and delivery of programmes and services and can ensure local transparency and accountability for corporate investments in women’s economic resilience and gender economic justice initiatives.

Our solutions

Our solutions make the connection between women’s economic resilience efforts in global value chains and the need to build long-term, women-centred, systemic change that makes gender economic justice a reality. Our solutions relate gender equity to economic resilience and the future of work.

Partner locally,

impact globally

Sustaining a
women’s rights ecosystem

Maintaining a healthy, robust and innovative women’s rights ecosystem is intrinsic to our mission and long-term goals. To achieve this, Win-Win Strategies designs and delivers various capacity strengthening initiatives, including playbooks, tools, workshops and tailored knowledge sharing sessions.

These aim to support women’s funds/local women’s rights organisations in quantifying the value that they can offer to companies and other stakeholders, as well as to help them develop skills to build effective cross-sector partnerships.

Our solution:
Collaborate for Impact

It takes time, special skills, support and leadership development to become an effective partner. These are skills that under-resourced women’s funds/rights organisations typically do not have. In response to this need, and in order to position women’s organisations as effective partners in working with the private sector, Win-Win Strategies has developed several workshops, including the Seven Stages of Pre-Corporate Sector Engagement – now online as a self-paced course – and the Collaborate for Impact workshops, with the objective to enable effective and systematic collaborations.

Better together

corporate sector

women’s economic resilience

Win-Win Strategies works with companies to advance a rights-based, building block approach to women’s economic empowerment across value chains.

Our solution: Bridge-Building

Win-Win Strategies has developed several tools and other management materials for the corporate sector in order to support companies in the design, development and delivery of woman-centred economic empowerment initiatives that creates sustainable economic resilience for women across value chains. Some examples of these solutions are the Bridge-Building Workshops and the SHEvaluation tool, which allows for companies to identify priority areas for investment through mapping value chains against the building-block approach to women’s economic empowerment.


gender economic justice

Supporting women’s rights
growth in all fronts

Win-Win Strategies strives to design and share simple operational solutions that can have a larger impact in supporting the achievement of gender equity and economic justice.

Our solution:
Making processes work for
gender economic justice

Private, public and non-profit sector can use procurement to achieve great socioeconomic change for women and girls on a global scale, by implementing more inclusive processes that endorse supplier diversity. Win-Win Strategies has designed an open-source, gender-responsive playbook with simple, actionable steps to support strategic sourcing decisions that can increase the share of women-owned businesses in procurement.

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