Well-designed sport programmes are an effective platform for learning and building skills, including leadership skills, increasing knowledge around women’s rights, improving health and fitness and, ultimately, yielding positive attitudes and behaviours.

Women Win brings an asset building approach to the field by supporting and strengthening women’s rights and sport-for-development organisations to deliver conceptually sound and culturally relevant sport programmes to girls and young women. Our theory of change is built on the belief that adolescent girls, their families, communities and societies at large benefit from, and are empowered by, sport and well-designed sport programmes.

Over time, Women Win has developed a theory of change that focuses on leadership and serves as a foundation for all our programmes and activities. Women Win defines leadership as the ability of a girl or young woman to exercise her rights and drive change.

We frame the changes in leadership based on a framework called B.A.C.K.S., which stands for Behaviour, Attitude, Condition, Knowledge, and Status. A foundational assumption of our definition is that leadership is a set of skills, behaviours and attitudes that can be learned, practiced, and refined through experience, mentorship and education. We use the Prepare - Practice - Play framework to describe the process of how this happens in sport and life:

PREPARE (individual level): A girl discovers and develops her skills and talents and becomes aware of her leadership potential. She accumulates knowledge and information. She finds the confidence to set challenging goals for herself and strives to live by her values.

PRACTICE (organisation level): A girl connects and interacts with others, which means she learns to expand and strengthen her leadership potential and skills. Through interaction she learns how to team up, resolve conflicts and have healthy relationships.

PLAY (community level): A girl takes action, influences and motivates others by applying her skills. She creates change by acting and influencing change in her community.