What We Do

Women Win uses sport to address three areas that we think are key to advancing adolescent girls’ rights globally. We help girls and their communities:

  • Address gender-based violence
  • Access sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • Gain economic empowerment

Through intra and cross-sector partnerships, we tackle global gender inequity by investing in localised, grassroots solutions. We deliver on our mission by employing a strategy with three unique dimensions:

Strengthen:  We make the field of practice stronger. By financially investing in a small portfolio of organisations we build their capacity and learn from their work. With them, we build open-source tools such as guidelines and curricula to bring effective ideas and strategies to the global community. We achieve scale by sharing these tools and serving as technical service providers for larger organisations who have an interest in the growth of girls’ sport and/or empowerment.

Impact: We prove that sport can build girls’ leadership and improve effectiveness of programmes through gathering, analysing and sharing robust data with our partners. We use a cloud-based system called Salesforce as one of our tools to encourage a collective impact strategy; whereby we measure social change across many girls, partners, countries and interventions. We are putting data at the forefront of the case for girls’ sport.

Catalyse: We are building a movement of people that believe in sport as a lever for achieving more equitable societies. As thought leaders in the arenas of gender, development and sport, we are catalysing a conversation to generate ideas, energy, resources and attention. We do this by amplifying the voices of girls as advocates for their right to play and grow.

Partnerships and strategic alliances are essential to achieving the Women Win mission. The complexity and scale of gender inequity means that no one can effectively tackle it alone. Our collaborations allow us to increase impact and efficiency and, at their best, are rooted in the virtuous circle of exchange. In our partnerships that span continents and sectors, we put an uncompromising emphasis on three principles:

  • Equity
  • Transparency
  • Mutual benefit