The Naz Foundation Trust, founded in 1994, is a New Delhi-based NGO addressing HIV/AIDS and sexual health. Naz implements a holistic approach to combat HIV, focusing on prevention as well as treatment. Their services target marginalized populations infected and affected by HIV. They also work to sensitize communities about the prevalence of HIV and highlight issues related to sexuality and sexual health.

In 2006, Naz began implementing the Goal programme as a strategic effort to empower girls and women in exercising their rights. Goal is a collaborative, multi-stakeholder initiative that links the private and NGO sectors and uses team sport –in this case netball- as a vehicle for social inclusion. This community-based programme is aimed at building self-confidence, knowledge and leadership amongst adolescent girls. Life skills sessions on a variety of topics, including sexual health, gender-based violence and financial literacy are offered under the guidance of a Goal Champion (or leader). Each session is paired with a netball skills training, led by a female community sport coach.

Naz currently operates the Goal programme in three cities, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai, and retains more than 3,000 girl participants each year.