After 50 years of dictatorship, Myanmar is undergoing political and economic changes. Girl Determined seizes the opportunity of this critical transitional phase to facilitate girls to influence change and transform their future. Girl Determined fosters the skills girls need not only to avoid the risks they face, but also to effect long-term change that can impact future generations. Girl Determined is implementing the Goal Programme in an effort to employ sport as another tool for girls’ skill development.

Girl Determined works with girls aged 12-17 from mixed ethnic and religious backgrounds, living in poor peri-urban and rural communities. The risks these girls are facing range from school drop-out and child labour to gender based violence, early marriage and trafficking.

Over 1300 girls are currently participating in the “Colorful Girls Circles”, Girl Determined’s core programme. Through this programme girls meet after school on a weekly basis to discuss and learn about issues on decision-making, self-confidence, friendship, mutual understanding and respect for cultural and religious differences, girls’ rights and planning their own future.