programme partners

We seek to build close working relationships with partner staff to really understand what they are doing, how they are doing it and what the impact is. This enables us to document and develop guidelines and methodologies with them as the source. Ultimately, we believe that by showcasing these strong leaders, and open-sourcing guidelines and methodologies, we can influence others to invest in the sport-for-women's-rights strategies, which is key to our work.

Selecting partners

In selecting partners, we try to find organisations that are globally representative and:

  • advance women's rights in three priority theme areas: addressing gender-based violence, accessing sexual and reproductive health and achieving economic empowerment
  • develop sustainable organisations
  • strengthen the monitoring, evaluation and impact-assessment capacities of organisations

Our Target Demographic

Our primary target group in grant giving is to programmes who invest in adolescent girls and young women (ages 10-22) who lack access to social equality, economic opportunities, health information and knowledge of their rights.  Girls we serve are often:

  • at high risk of physical, sexual and psychological abuse. They are survivors of gender violence, including domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, honor killings, conflict-related violence, female genital mutilation, forced prostitution and trafficking
  • in school or who are not in school and whose personal development is limited by poverty, early marriage, child raising or other prohibitive family or cultural norms and traditions
  • living in social isolation due to cultural and religious norms
  • living in poverty, with limited income-generating possibilities
  • living in refugee and internal displacement camps
  • living with disabilities, often hidden from society, in economically and socially disadvantaged environments

Assessing organisations and their programmes

Organisations and their programmes are assessed according to our four key criteria:

  • innovation in model or activities
  • impact and social change on the individual and community level
  • potential for sustainability and upscaling
  • influencer criteria

Note: Women Win does not accept unsolicited partner proposals and granting requests. 

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