5 December 2016
Partnering with Volleyball Australia and Girl Determined to empower girls through sport
5 October 2016
Take a look at the top photos from our contest
31 August 2016
The potential of sport for gender equity
4 August 2016
Partnering with UN Women to empower girls to achieve their rights and athletic dreams
15 July 2016

Partnership with U.S. Department of State’s SportsUnited division provides cross-cultural sport experience.

1 April 2016
Programme research reveals major leaps in girls' leadership through sport & life skills
18 March 2016
The recent ten day leadership exchange programme in Nepal was much more than just a trip for Soccer Without Borders staff Katy Nagy.
11 March 2016
UN Women Executive Director speaks out for sport as a tool to reach and empower girls and women.
29 February 2016
Women Win launches international exchange program to empower girls in Nepal and the U.S.
19 January 2016
After five years of collaboration through the Girl Power Alliance, over 1.5 million girls have experienced positive change.